Successful Adoption of an Indian Orphan Under the Hague Convention on Intercounty Adoption.

We were retained to assist a single US Citizen woman to adopt a child from India.  Due to India’s rigid regulations pertaining to who is eligible to become an adoptive parent of an Indian orphan, our client was initially worried this dream would never come to fruition. She had received very discouraging advice from several sources.  Nevertheless, within about one year’s time after we started working, the process is completed. Both immigration related petitions (I-800/I-800a) were approved within a few weeks after submission. There were several intervening issues throughout the process, however, working with our client’s State Department approved Adoption Agency, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State we were able to resolve all such matters. With all intercountry formalities completed as required by the Hague Convention, our client and her daughter are now happily together in the United States.

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