B-2 (Visitors or Tourist) visa Extensions for an investor and for a parent

We have received two interesting  B-2 extensions.  It has been my view that under certain circumstances  B-2 can and should be permitted by USCIS to be used even where the applicant has an immigrant intent or is otherwise staying longer than usual in USA.  Apparently, USCIS agrees.

In the first case, we were preparing an EB-5 (One Million Dollar investment) for an applicant who was here on a B-2 visa.  So, we disclosed fully to the government that we have immigrant intent, but should not be required to leave because we are in the process of investing.  A forced visit back to home country serves no useful purpose.  USCIS approved the case.

In the second case, we have just received a third B-2 extension for the parent of a green card holder.  The applicant suffers from chronic ailments and needs to be monitored.  Both his sons live in USA (H-1 and green card).  Once again, USCIS approved the case.

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