EB-1 Extraordinary Ability

We filed a petition premium processing for a self-petitioning researcher. The petitioner had over 15 years of research experience in the nanotechnology field. He had an extraordinary research career which included 52 scholarly scientific articles with over 1,020 citations of his work. His publications were featured in numerous high impact international journals. In addition to his noteworthy research publications, the petitioner was a highly sought after reviewer for a multitude of prestigious, international scientific journals. He was also selected to an editorial board. His research was noted as having a significant impact in his field and the multitude of leading experts that opined on his international acclaim identified him as “one of the very few in their field that had reached the highest level of achievement.” The petitioner had sustained international acclaim for his extraordinary research and as a result his work was featured in several major trade publications. We also submitted evidence to show that as a result of the petitioner’s extraordinary research career he was nominated as a member of a highly prestigious scientific research society.

As a result of the petitioner’s substantial volume of evidence reflecting his extraordinary qualifications, USCIS approved the case within five days.

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