EB-1 Outstanding Researcher – Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

We filed a petition under premium processing for the beneficiary, who qualified based on his publication record, original contributions, membership in a professional society and service as a reviewer of others’ work. The beneficiary had more than sixteen years of research experience and thus had garnered an international reputation for his outstanding work. We provided letters of recommendation from various international experts in his field that confirmed his status amongst his research peers. The beneficiary had documentation to show his senior level membership in a professional society. We provided documentary evidence to show the stringent criteria for this level of membership. Due to the beneficiary’s exceptional work in his field as an author of numerous publications and a reviewer for this particular society, a Research Fellow nominated him for senior membership. We also provided evidence of the beneficiary’s extensive list of scientific journals for which he had been selected to act as a reviewer. His research peers held his expertise in high regard; thus, he has an extensive list of editors who request his services to review and edit manuscripts for publication. The beneficiary’s original work had been commercialized and had a significant impact on his field of expertise. His continued employment was essential for the maintenance of some highly noteworthy projects of several distinguished institutes with which he was collaborating. The petition was certified, and he obtained his Green Card.

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