EB-2-NIW–Physician in Medically Underserved Area

We represented a physician working for a veteran’s facility within a medically underserved area.  The NIW was approved.  Before completing her waiver time, she needed to move from the approved location to another location AND switch from a MUA to the Veterans Administration. Unfortunately, the law and the procedures involved in moving MUA’s and moving from a MUA to another NIW mode are very poorly documented.  Some of the legal territories are just not well defined.  Nevertheless, we filed the appropriate petition,submitting what we believed were the required documents.  To meet the total five-year requirement, we also submitted employers’ letters to capture all prior service at other medical facilities within underserved areas while the applicant was on valid H-1B. 

USCIS acknowledged the prior service, approved the case, and assigned the original priority date to our client.

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