F-1 Student Status

Our client, a former Tri-Valley University of California (TVU) student who was left out of status due to unexpected closure of TVU, applied for reinstatement to student status.  He retained us to respond to the Request for Evidence (RFE) he received on his reinstatement application.  There were several serious issues raised by USCIS in the RFE.  One of them was that the USCIS alleged that the online classes our client took at TVUdisqualified him from full-time F-1 student status.  We prepared a comprehensive response and documented our client’s entire case history.  We argued that our client complied with F-1 regulations before and after his association with TVU, followed all the instructions of his Designated School Officials (DSO’s), and should not be faulted for relying and acting on the advice of TVU DSO’s.

USCIS accepted our arguments and approved the reinstatement.

Nonimmigrant Visas

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