H-4 Nunc Pro Tunc

Our firm has been successful in numerous H-4 (and H-4 nunc pro tunc) out of status cases (involving unlawful presence leading to a three-year to ten-year bar). Of particular note, one gentleman assumed if his H-1 was renewed, his dependant's H-4s were automatically renewed. Upon learning of the need to file for H-4 renewals, this gentleman consulted various attorneys and even took his case to Court. He was unsuccessful in bringing his dependants back into H-4 status. After nearly four years of having his dependant's out of status, he contacted our firm and we were able to renew the beneficiary's H-1 and bring his derivative beneficiaries back into status within 2 days time. Please do not assume this will happen in every case. But it did in this one.  

H-4 status approved.

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