EB1 Outstanding Professor Ph.D. in Mass Media and Communication

We have recently won a case following a Request for Evidence for a professor - Ph.D. in Mass Media and Communication.   USCIS requested additional “documentary evidence” to support our claim that the applicant qualified under the EB1 Outstanding Researcher and Professor category based on applicant’s publications, acting as a judge of her peers as well as her original contributions. Based on the international reputation the applicant gained as a result of her involvement in the field of mass media, we were able to provide documentation, which included printouts from various news sources as well as extensive web coverage of her work. We also provided additional letters from editors that unequivocally identified the applicant as one of the eminent scholars in her field. Additionally, we provided evidence of the significance of the publications where the applicant’s work had been featured, that included the impact factor, circulation, ranking and historical data. The case was approved within four days of receipt of the response to the Request for Evidence.


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