U Visa

USCIS Data on Victims of Trafficking I-914 (T) in Person and Victims of Crime I-918 (U)

I-914 (T) and I-918 (U) Visa Statistics

This report contains information on the Victims of Trafficking (T visa) applications and the Victims of Crime (U visa) petitions.  The number of receipts, approvals, denials, and pending cases are displayed by fiscal year and by office.

USCIS Memo Authorizes VSC to Approve an Application to Extend/Change of U Nonimmigrant Status for Derivative Family Member


This Policy Memorandum (PM) authorizes the Vermont Service Center (VSC) to approve an Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status (Form 1-539) to extend U nonimmigrant status for a derivative family member whose initial period of stay is less than four years.


USCIS Draft Memorandum for Comment

USCIS seeks your input on the draft memoranda listed below.  These memoranda are drafts of proposed or revised guidance to USCIS Field Offices and Service Centers.  They are not intended as guidance for the general public, nor are they intended to create binding legal requirements on the public.  Until issued in final form, the draft memoranda do not constitute agency policy in any way or for any purpose.

DOS Updates – 02/10/2010

E Visa company registrations -  It is advisable for “E” visa companies to update “registration” files at post every year although there is no specific regulation. 

Following-to-Join for adjustment cases - An applicant who is the principal alien and whose spouse or child now needs to follow to join can now continue to deal directly with posts in paths: