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Waiting for Asylum Decision

I'd like to share my PAINFUL experience with you guys. AND you guys have to know that I'm still painful now.

Let's get started with the TIME SCHEDULE:

10/27/2014 Arrived in the United States with B2 visa
11/00/2014 i-589 sent, which I can't remember which day exactly
11/08/2014 Receipt Arrived
11/00/2014 Fingerprints & Interview Notice, which I can't remember which day exactly
12/19/2014 Interview

Asylee Citizenship Interview Experience Re COP

This forum made me sleep better on many nights and told me what to expect at every step. Nothing was a surprise from Asylum to US Passport.

Waited many many years and got my Asylum I485 approved in 2002. Applied N400 in Aug 07, FP in Jan 08, Citizenship interview in April 08 and got my Oath in May 08. Applied for passport routine service at the oath ceremony and got my passport in 9 days. My online status still shows my case pending since Oct 2007 !!