Green Card Lottery Community Stories

Interview in Dhaka

  1. I had been called for interview on 23rd Aug at Dhaka USA embassy. I am a DV 2012 applicant from Bangladesh and my DS-230, 122 form and pgotograph was received by KCC on 24th July 2012. 9th August I received 2NL and my interview was 23rd Aug.

    My interview was so far good. I was able to submit all papers/documents that they have asked. After the interview Consular Officer said "you will get visa. your interview is successful. but we need time to complete our official work. This is Normal."

DV Lottery Interview Experience

  1. On sep 5th, I arrived at the embassy 06.30am for my interview, but waited till 11am before being interviewed as the cashier was not at her desk for me to make my visa payment.

    Good morning
    good morning sir I replied
    do you swear that everything you have written in the forms and you will say this morning is true? I answered yes
    what is your name? I answered
    you are .... Years old right? ..... Yes
    why did you apply for dv lottery in the first place.......... I answered
    where were you when you applied.... I answered

Interview passed!!!

ur interview was schedule for 29th of May , 2012 at the U.S Embassy Accra Ghana.I entered the lottery with my wife and two kids.We got to the embassy around 6:30am and at 7:00am we were made to enter,paid our fees which was $330x4 ,submitted our documents and after our tumb prints were taken we were asked to wait for the C.O to call our name.Around 9:00am our name was called to report at window 5,this was what happened.
CO:When did you get married
CO:what do you do at the moment
CO:what school
CO:Who supports you