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Waiting for Asylum Decision

 I have received my approval!! I can't explain the joy I am going through right now. I want to thank everyone in this forum. It has been the best experience for me. I learned a lot and gain a lot. I want to thank everyone but most specially the following person, thankful! Assylum, asylum seeker, and everyone else. I learned a lot from your posts. And I want to deep down my heart wish everyone all the best and keep the faith.

Asylee Citizenship Interview Experience Re COP

This forum made me sleep better on many nights and told me what to expect at every step. Nothing was a surprise from Asylum to US Passport.

Waited many many years and got my Asylum I485 approved in 2002. Applied N400 in Aug 07, FP in Jan 08, Citizenship interview in April 08 and got my Oath in May 08. Applied for passport routine service at the oath ceremony and got my passport in 9 days. My online status still shows my case pending since Oct 2007 !!

Asylee N-400 Interview

I was asked if I went back to COP and I said yes, (I only went once for two weks to visit ill family member) IO said nothing negative, just moved on with the interview process.
I know some people who were granted Asylum and went back to COP and now they're US citizens. Don't worry be very positive IO are humans too and understand that some times you have to take a risk to see a family member who is ill. Wish you best of good look, take care.
Asylum granted 2000
PR since: 07/03/2005   (Boston DO RE- N-400)

Asylee N-400 Interview Experience

Today I did my interview and passed. The Officer was a very beautiful young lady and she was nice and friendly. After taking an oath to tell the truth, she started going through my N-400 application (not line by line). Eventhough I said no to "citation and arrest", I had HOV violation and driving under suspended privilage tickets. Showed her documents that I paid my due and I am clear. She seemed satisified with that. Also I have said no to "have you been to jail or prison? " in my application,I told her I was detained in my home country and she said that is fine.