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Permanent Residence Status


Dear Readers,
My experience went really well perhaps due to changes in the immigration procedures meant to make some applications process faster so that one can go on with life while waiting to gain finally permanent residence status?

I applied for a permanent residence through marriage to a US citizen while in F-1 status. Please note that I applied after our two year anniversary so the conditional permanent resident status would not apply. Here is the time line for my application process:

Filing for Permanent Residency

I am originally from Maryland and I met my husband when I was attending college in Houston, TX. After I completed college, I moved back up to Maryland to spend time with my family and I also got a very good opportunity to work, in Washington D.C. My husband and I decided to get Married in February 2002, and I decided to move back to Houston so we could start our lives together. By the time I could wrap things up in Maryland and finally move to Houston it was August 2002.