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My experience in columbus, ohio

My timeline:

eb3, priority date June 2002

RFE on 485 for self March 2005, spouse a couple of weeks later.

Replied to RFE beginning of May. Received notice on June 8 that our case was transferred to Cincinnati, Ohio

Made infopass appointment to visit Columbus and was told that Cincinnati was the office that received files from the service center and that Cincinnati would forward the files to Columbus.

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Transferred case approved at SF office

Our case was initially filed with VSC in March, 2001 (EB2 and future-employment based, the petitioning company is located in NJ and we always work in California)

In Jan, 2004, our case was said to be "transferring" to SF local USCIS office for interview and after many times of phone inquiries and letter/fax sent over to them from my wife and the attorney, an office finally (after 7-8 months of newless waiting) get in touch with the attorney(in NJ) earlier this month and indicated that interview is unnecessary, however, we do need to surrender some docuemnt.

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As I promised to all of you whose case been transferred to Arlington office

Today I had my interview conducted, and passport stamped as the final result. I finally can draw a closure for this 27-month-long journey. Honestly and surprisingly, I was extremely calm when I arrived USCIS office 4 am today. I was reading one of my favorite authors' (Ann Quindlen) bestseller " One True Thing" while I was waiting in the waiting room so concentratedly that when my name was called, I realized that my eyes were full of tears (yeah, the story's very touching and real. ) Anyway, here's my detail report to all of you who are still waiting:

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