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June 16, 2006. Post OPT for a recent college graduate

On the 90th day, I make an appointment. The earliest day on infopass is 5 days later on Friday, so I make that appointment, and print out the sheet confirmation with the barcode.
On Friday
I went to the line at 10:00am for my 10:30 appointment. The guy at the door says you can't come in yet, come back 15 minutes later. That means even if you come really early before your appointment it is pointless. It is best to come 15 min before.

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Interim EAD experience at New York, NY

I applied for post-grad OPT on Feb 14, my card was approved on May 26. I never received my card and I decided to go ahead and go to get interim EAD. Handed in my infopass appointment sheet at the door of 26 Federal Plaza and was directed to the 3rd floor. At 3rd floor, an officer scanned my sheet and my I797 Notice to make sure its more than 90 days since I first applied for EAD. Then he gave me an N number and directed me to the 9 floor. At the 9 floor, my number was called. Unforunately, I need a proof of residence in new york.

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EAD card for wife


Background: Wife's H1 expires in a couple of weeks. Needed EAD card. Had filed I-765 on sept 07 2005. Five months and no EAD card yet. Checked with INS 800 number. Found the card was at Missouri ( Lee's Summit ) service center. Since time was running out on the H1 B. Took an appointment at Detroit Office. For interim EAD. Here is a sequence of events for some one else who might need an interim EAD in Detroit MI.

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Interim EAD at Boston

It was ~92 days since I applied at VSC and so decided to go to Boston for interim EAD.

Came at 6:20AM at entrance. 10 Guys ahead of us and by 7AM 20 guys behind us. Were promptly let in by guard at 7 AM. Was issued a ticket number after standing in line for a brief period. Then waited till 11:30 AM to get my 5 min at the counter. Officer was courteous and simply asked us for the relevant forms. He then gave the approval form to drop off with the person who makes the EAD card who took about 30 min to issue the card.

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IEAD experience at Newark, NJ

Myself and my wife applied for EAD on 12/13/2004. I got approved in a week but she did not get approval. So, We took the appointment at Newark, NJ at 7:45 AM on 04/22/2005.

We reached 970 Broad St, Newark ,NJ at 5 AM. No one was there and waited outside of the builing. People started coming after 6:15 AM. By 7:30 AM there were around 40-50 people around.

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Finally got our EAD Card


We received notice to come into Baltimore office for EAD 6 days before appointed time. Both were out of town on business on day of appointment, so followed instructions of informing them in writing and requesting new appointment date.
Didn't hear from them for more than 90 days, so made appointment on INFOPASS.
Arrived at 9am, called within 5 minutes to window - showed EAD application filing receipt and told to wait. 2 hours passed,

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EAD card given in 10 minutes


My husband and I went at the end of March on a wednesday with an infopass appointment and were asked to resubmit the form and them given another appointment to comeback after 2 weeks again a wednesday at 9.00am to collect the ead cards. Our cases were already transfered to DC office. The appmnt was on my name but they let us both in given a token and waited for 10 mins or so and then were called to the window. We were done with our ead questions in 5 mins. Both of us were given different tokens so went to different windows.

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EAD experience

Things seem to have improved a bit. Applied for EAD (J2 Visa holder) online on September 2. When I checked the status of the case, I got the message that my EAD had been approved on November 8. Sounds great, but lets wait until the card has arrived.

By the way, if you want to apply for an interim EAD after expiry of the 90 day period, you no longer have to stand in line all night long but can make an appointment on the USCI site (http://usci.gov) at the INFOPASS section. Good luck to everybody.

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Interim EAD Issuance


I went to Arlington office on Wednesday, October 27th early in the morning around 7am. There were maybe 30 people already waiting in front of the building before me. Normally office opens at 7.30 if I am not mistaken. I was waiting not more than 15 minutes when immigration officer showed up and started asking people if there was anyone having an appointment. He came to me and asked the same question. I said I did not have any appointment and that I came for interim EAD. He told me that everyone has to have an appointment in order get an interim EAD.

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