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Consular Proceesing Interview in Canada

My wife recently had her interview on June 6. the process was pain free except for one minor issue. she had become canadian citizen few days before and didnt have her canadian passport on her at the time of interview. Verbally the visa was approved but on the sheet handed to us, it said visa rejected due to Canadian Passport. We mailed the passport to the consulate the very next day and it was received by the consulate the next day. We are still awaiting a reply from the consulate and have been unable to contact the consulate via phone/email.

Consular processing Interview at Montreal

Hi, I would like to share my experience of our interview in US consular in Montreal. Our appointment was schedule on June 20th 2011 at 8h30am. We arrived at the US consular at 8h00am and we got our interview only at 11h00am as there was a lot of peoples waiting in front of us. The interview went well. The typical questions are: How long have you been working? When did you apply for the visa? Confirmed the country of birth? How long have you been leaving in Canada? Confirmed your current address?

CP interview in Delhi (India) - tips and recommendations

CP interview in Delhi (India) - tips and recommendations

went for my CP interview in Delhi and am writing my recommendations here. These were written for Delhi specifically, but general principles are same for all places. Add ur suggestions to make it complete.

going for CP interview involves:
1. Pre-travel arrangements
2. travel from US to India
3. Pre-interview work (on landing in India)
4. Interview
5. Post interview/travel back to US/port of entry

1. Pre-travel arrangements:

Consular Processing Experience


Interview Date: Feb 2009
Consulate: Chennai, India

Jan 28, 2009: Called panel doctor Vijayalakshmi and fixed an appointment for Jan 31st, 11 AM.

30th Jan 2009:
Reached Lister Labs at 6:30 AM and no one was there. Security opened the gate and gave us the first token. We were out by 8:30 AM. Collected Sealed envelope at 4:30 PM. X-Ray, blood test cost: Rs 810.

31st Jan 2009:

Mumbai Sep 24th CP Interview Experience

At last it is over - the wait and agony of many years!

First, I want to thank this spectacular group and everyone who have shared their views and ideas... this forum has been a great asset for everyone appearing for CP.

Last stage of my Green Card experience went through a tough ride and we saw a lots of tipsy turvy roads.

Here is my journey of the GC:

Mar 2003 - Applied for labour.
May 2006 - Applied for I-140.
June 2006 - I-140 got approved.
November 2006 - Applied for CP

Succesful CP (Mumbai) and POE (Newark)

Hello All,
Heres my experience on the CP

Flew to India on June 12th (Interview Date June 26th) Since you have to submit documents to VFS 7 working days prior to Interview.

Flew Virgin Atlantic ti Mumbai and went straight to VFS from the Airport. They are open from 8.00am - 12.00 and 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Documents Submited to VFS
- Copy of the first, second, last page of the current passport, copy of all us visa's in the current passport.
There is no need for old passports and copies of all pages.

CP Interview Experience


I finally received my Green Card yesterday. My wife got hers 2 weeks ago. Here are the filing dates.

I-140 (EB1) filed in July 2006 (Approved in 2 weeks)
I-485 sent to NVC in September 2007
Interview notification from Chennai US Consulate on January 17, 2007
Interview at Chennai on February 12, 2007
Received the passports on February 20, 2007
Validation stamp in the passport on February 28, 2007
Welcome Letter (wife) on March 6, 2007
Green Card (wife) received on March 7, 2007

POE experience after succesful CP @ Islamabad

The Immigrant Visa looks like a H1B1 visa stamp but the information is obviously different. The embassy also hands out a packet with top right part perforated. It has a white paper on the front which has your picture and information on it.

I landed at Chicago O'Hare airport at about 3:15 PM. While in the plane, I had filled only the customs forms and not the I-94 white form. After landing, I went to the New Immigrant line. The officer looked at the IV and took the packet from me. He sent me to the NSEERS special registration line.