Finger Print experience in Oakland, CA

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United States

I thought I'll share my FP experience in Oakland, CA which might be useful to others. I had my FP scheduled for tomorrow but since we have other errands to run tomorrow we went in today at 8:15 AM. To our surprise they did not even question us about the date. They just glanced at our FP notice and gave us a form to fill up. Even before I finished filling my form my number was up.
They asked for my ID and then they took my fingure prints. All my fingures said "PASS" except one which said "Warning MATCHING". I'm not sure if I should be concerned about it but I think this might be a common thing because the lady who was taking the FP was least bothered. After that they took my picture and in 20 mintues it was all done.
My FP code was 3. I hope this helps anyone who might be going to Oakland in the near future.

Good Luck

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