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Indian Consulate - Notice to Immigrant Visa Applicants Regarding DS-260

All immigrant visa applicants now must complete the DS-260 online immigrant visa application at and login to to schedule an appointment at Visa Application Center(VAC) for biometric fingerprint and photograph

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Criminal History Summary Checks - FAQ's

1. Does the FBI accept personal checks, business checks, or cash? 2. Do you have procedures for expeditious handling? 3. Where can I get my fingerprints taken? 4. What if my fingerprints are continuously rejected? 5. Can I use the fingerprint card I download from this site? 6. Will my fingerprint card be returned? 7. How do I notify the FBI if my address has changed since I submitted my request for my Criminal History Summary or if I want to verify my correct address was submitted? 8. Does the FBI provide apostilles*? 9. How do I challenge my FBI record? 10. How can law enforcement entities request certified copies of fingerprints and/or Criminal History Summary information?

1. No.

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Fingerprinting for US Immigration

USCIS requires applicants and petitioners for certain immigration benefits to be fingerprinted for the purpose of conducting FBI criminal background checks. To better ensure both the quality and integrity of the process, USCIS processes fingerprint cards for immigration benefits only if an authorized fingerprint site prepares them. Authorized fingerprint sites include USCIS offices, Application Support Centers (ASCs), and U.S. consular offices and military installations abroad. In general, USCIS schedules people to be fingerprinted at an authorized fingerprint site after an application or petition is filed. USCIS charges a set fee per person (for most applicants) at the time of filing for this fingerprinting service. Please check the instructions on your Immigration application or petition form to find out if you must be fingerprinted.

The following three points apply for all immigration benefits applications (see exceptionsbelow) requiring an FD-258 fingerprint check filed with USCIS after March 29, 1998:

  1. Do not submit a completed fingerprint card (FD-258) with your application. Your application will be accepted without the fingerprint card attached. If you submit a completed fingerprint card with your application on or after March 29, 1998, the card will be rejected and you will be scheduled to be fingerprinted by USCIS.
  2. Do submit fee, in addition to the application fee, payable to USCIS, with your application. The fee is noted at the top of our Forms and Fees page. This charge will cover the cost for you to be fingerprinted by USCIS.
  3. After USCIS receives your application, USCIS will provide you with an appointment letter with the location of the nearest USCIS authorized fingerprint site. Please read the instructions in the appointment letter, and take it to USCIS authorized fingerprint site when you go to your fingerprint appointment.


Applicants and petitioners residing abroad who are fingerprinted at a United States consular or military installation abroad do not need to be fingerprinted by USCIS and are exempt from the fingerprint fee. These applicants and petitioners must file their completed card at the time their application or petition is filed.

The following forms are subject to exceptions to the above requirements.  

To find the Application Support Centers (ASCs) closest to you, see the "USCIS Service and Office Locator" page. You can also call our toll free number at 1-800-375-5283.



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AOS interview next week, mother in India on AP

I am a US citizen, had applied for my parents GC in October 2009. Mom underwent fingerprinting three times here, but did not get her AOS done in time. End of last year my father (who got his EAD and AOS smoothly) had emergency heary bypass here, and then they had to leave back for India for more tests. Mom left on AP. Subsequently I wrote a letter to NBC, MO to ask them to expedite my mothers case. Yesterday I received a letter stating that she has go to Philadelphia USCIS office next week for "Completion of application to register for Perm residence." Mom is in India now.

You need to contact USCIS customer service for guidance. Definitely put something down in writing that you are requesting a rescheduling. Maybe asking your Congressman's assistance is the best way to go for rescheduling.

Unless the context shows otherwise, all answers here were provided by Rajiv and were compiled and reported by our editorial team from comments and blog on

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I-485 (EAD, AP, FP)

Aliens who are physically present in the United States already are allowed to immigrate without leaving the United States to apply for an immigrant visa. This process is called Adjustment of Status (AOS).  The USCIS will permit an application for AOS to be filed only if an immigrant visa is immediately available to the alien. Section 245(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) governs the general AOS provisions.

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