Immigration through Marriage

N-400 Timeline, 3 year rule (marriage based application)

Here is my journey thus far:

GC holder since March 21, 2008 (married to U.S. citizen since 1997)

6/11/12: N-400 sent via UPS to Lewisville, TX
6/12/12: N-400 delivered
6/13/12: NOA received (Priority Date: 06/12/12)
7/18/12: FP notice recd
8/09/12: FP scheduled - Done
9/04/12: In line for Interview scheduling
10/12/12: NOA received, Interview scheduled
14/01/13: Interview Done, N-14 "Request for evidence" given to me

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Mr. Rajiv Khanna is the best immigration lawyer that I have ever worked with. He has dealt with in a kind, compassionate, and professional way the numerous queries I asked him. His advise to me was invaluable and I strongly recommend him to any one who has an immigration issue. K.R.Shankaran Brandon

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Namrata Tognatta
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In response to my rather urgent queries submitted online, Mr. Khanna offered me a free phone consultation. He articulated his advice in a manner that provided a clear understanding of the general (ideal) approach to immigration through marriage and then shared his professional opinion on my case in particular. I appreciated his straightforward approach and willingness to share his opinion on cases that warrant the need for legal counsel. I would highly recommend Mr. Khanna to friends and colleagues in need of immigration-related counsel.

Getting married to a green card holder

Question details

I might be getting married to a green card holder who has it since 5 years and is eligible to apply for a citizenship next june. If I get married to him now when will I be eligible to get a visa to join him in America? What sort of visa will help me be with him and when?

Once he is a Citizen, he can apply for a K-3 and/or green card for you. Each one of them takes different times, usually less than a year.