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sreedhar seethina
United States

I saw my I-485 Denial notice after a week, It is a panicking situation. I changed  my employer for permanent position, and my I-140 was cancelled by my old employer.  I did not file my AC21, Lesson learnt is, talk to a good attorney rather than asking friends and well wishers. There I choose Rajiv Khanna,  we got 30 days to appeal after denial, answered all my questions, It was 180 days passed after I-485 applied, It is not a correct decision from USCIS. 

My case, Motion to reopen (MTR) received to USCIS in 10 days from Rajiv Khanna's office. Do i need to say, He is the best and have a good team to support and help me out in a short time. 

Guess what, my case was re-opened and I got my Green card in 2 months. I am waiting for my Family MTR and GC. It is time to thank Rajiv Ji , Kunal Ji and Team . I really appreciate for all the work you did in my difficult situation. Thank you.

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