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Nikhil Nihalani
United States

Work Done: J1 transfer, H1 and 485-finally approval of Green Card.I started working with Mr khanna's office for transferring my J1 waiver job from one state to another. His team has been extremely professional and helpful in the process. They have been helpful not only in transfer but also succesfully filing and getting my Green Card approved. I strongly recommend Rajiv's office to anyone with immigration issues. At every level I noticed special attention and exemplary professional standards that one seldom sees in todays world.I would like to thank all of your team members. Specifically Rena Waddell, Anna Baker, Heather Crump, Mark Riddick and of course Rajiv Khanna himself......
Once again Thank your such a wonderful teamwork and unique expertise provided by Rajiv in my case.
Nik Nihalani MD.

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