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United States

I am very greatfull to Rajiv Ji and his team for immediately responding to my request for help when I needed it in my immigration problems and queries, on calling Rajiv Ji's office the staff was very co-operative and scheduled a phone appointment with Rajiv Ji at the earliest since the time I had called and Rajiv Ji spoke to me the next day and answered all my queries without charging for it. which is the biggest help I could get. Words are not enough to Thank him for all the help he gives to people in need in his busy schedule at his position. Only Rajiv Ji can handle to help people and carry on his office with his profession in such a efficient way. He is the most kind and helping Immigration Attorney I know of in the USA. My prayers and best wishes go with him for God to shower his choicest blessings on him and his profession to flourish. THANK YOU RAJIV JI............:) YOU are like the light in the tunnel for Immigrants like me here in this foreign land.

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