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Words cant express my gratitude

This is fair comment  Me and my family had a  past few unlucky months. We spend a lot of money for consultations with other attornies but in vain, we thought of consuting Rajiv.We thought as Rajiv is top notch attorney in US for immmigration cases, he would charge stupenduos amount of money but he totally understood our situation and gave a wise advice regarding the COS of my wife,the consultation was free. Very hard to believe that some of the desi people out there do consultations not for the benifit of themselves but for the society. Rajiv still remebers of the old days where he had to struggle in the early 80's for maintaining his status and paying money to attornies. His advice is very helpfull and  words can express our gratitude towards him.  Thanks Rajiv for putting so much effort to rejunivate lives of some of the critical situations in the immigration law.  

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