Guestbook Entry for Dr. Jitendra A. Joshi, United States

Dr. Jitendra A. Joshi
United States

When I applied for the green card, Attorney Khanna was kind enough to spend one hour with me talking about the process and the work that will need to be performed in order to file the papers. We also talked a little bit about the meaning of life which was refreshing. He mentioned that Diane Lombardo who asists him will be incharge of my case and said that she is thorough and there should be no problem. He completely understated the capabilities of Diane. She is very thorough and to say the least one of the most thorough people I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail and thoroughness was impressive. My I-140 had a record turn around of 45 days from the date of mailing to approval notice. My EAD came back for in 14 days. This was mainly due to Diane's hard work. Since my filing I have referred 2 other people to Attorney Khanna.

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