Guestbook Entry for Ishita Sengupta, United States

Ishita Sengupta
United States

We consulted with Mr. Rajiv Khanna on our possibilities of getting a GC through EB1. He was the first lawyer we talked to who was very honest with us and even suggested waiting for the new immigration law to be passed to make our case easier. In addtiton this was our our first phone call  consultation with him and he didn't charge us for it which was amazing because my own lawyer who is doing my EB2 case charges us for an hour even for a 5 minute phone-call for any clarification. He was a refreshing change from all the lawyerswe talked to. Mr. Khanna was really interested when he talked to us and gave us honest advice which I appreciated immensely. I regret that he was recommended to us after I had already processed by EB2 application with another lawyer. I would highly recommend him to all immigrants who are looking to file for their GC. I have talked to many other lawyers in the DC metro area and by far he was the best lawyer I have talked to!

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