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Jaydip Sen
United States

It was a long and painful journey of seven years. But, at the end I finally got my GC. Through out this procedure the only positive thing was the help and support I received from Mr. khanna's office. I first applied EB-3 in 2006. Got my EAD through EB-3 application. Then reapplied for EB-2 in 2012 and got my GC in August, 2013. Through out the process Mr. Khanna and his staff was so helpful and thorogh that it made my journey lot easier. I would specially like to mention Suman, Mathew, Seema and Bharathi for all their help extended to me. I can not experess enough thanks to them. I would recommend Law offices of Rajiv Khanna for anybody whoever need any help on immigration issue. They are simply the best immigration attorney in this country!

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