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For success in any area, you need a team of good people around you. For spectacular results, you need a team of great people. This is true in all facets of life. Finding the right team is key. I think I was very lucky to come across Rajiv and his company, almost 10 years ago. Not only has Rajiv been phenomenal, I belive his team is his real core asset.  And in working with, I was lucky to have this team on my side. Over the years, I have utilized their services for many projects for myself as well as many others in my company. H1's and Green Cards primarily. What has been key is: 1) Accessibility - it's very easy to approach Rajiv or any one else on his team. Rajiv has even hosted free conf calls for clients on weekends when the situation has necessitated it. And has been easily available for personal conf calls at short notice. 2) Knowledge - the breadth of knowledge that he and his team have in their expertise areas is amazing. They know the answers or know where to get them quickly. I see Rajiv as someone who is well networked and is a subject matter expert appearing on prominent news channels to help educate lawmakers and community.  3) Candor - I see Rajiv as a very straightforward and factual person who will provide all options and best advice / recommended course of action. 4) Focus on customer service - the focus is always on customer service. I (and all the people I referred to Rajiv) never had to face a problem with customer service issues - we always had quick responses to our questions. Rajiv's team understands that they help clients with decisions that impact their life and companies with decisions that can help their bottomline. A lot of times these are time sensitive. I have seen the team putting in extra long hours and working through weeknds when it was critical - especially in 2007 when all priority dates became current and many many clients had to file completed applications in a matter of days and weeks. 5) People - the biggest asset - and I can say that the core of his team has been there for atleast, almost a decade. Heather, Leslie, Anna, Judi- they all have been exceptional in their interactions and follow through. It is truly a pleasure to know them :) Thank you, Mudit 

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