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Neeraj Sharma
United States

I got my physical Green Card today. It has been a long 4-5 years and I must say that it could have NOT been possible without the constant support, guidance, diligent and patient hard work put in by Mr. Rajiv S Khanna and his stellar team of Mathew Chacko, Prerna Mehta, Richa Narang and others who I have interacted with in the past and are probably no longer with the law firm. This team was always a step ahead, instantaneous in answering ANY questions whatsoever. I have even spoken to Mr Rajiv himself at one occasion since I was really concerned about some issues and even though being extremely busy was very nice in giving me a phone appointment the very next day. He, along with his team were very courteous, non judgemental and above all very humble in their approach and conversation. I could NOT have been able to get through with this entire process without them. I did not receive any RFE, everything was done in time and with utmost precision. Once again Many thanks from the bottom of my heart. Neeraj

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