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United States

I came to the United States by an H1B visa. The H1 visa was filed through my company's attorney which later I asked them to apply for my green card as well. Unfortunately, the attorney made several mistakes and I cancelled my contract with them. After some research and asking from friends and colleagues, I decided to go with the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna whose web site, is well known. Obviously the cost was higher than our company's attorney but I used to hear lots of sad stories about how some unexperienced attornies lost the customer's hope, time, and money. So, I think it was really worth it because last week I received my green card after less than 3 years. This is a very good record for EB2 category. Another Iranian friend of mine took about 7 years to get his GC! Heather Riddick, Art Shifflett, Mathew Chacko, and Rajiv Khanna worked on my cases during this time and I am extremely satisfied by their experience, knowledge, care, and accuracy. Cheers to all of them and thanks again!

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