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Vipul Kharbanda
United States

Heather initiated my PERM process and handled it so professionally that it felt like in Immigration University.She explained each and every step of the process throughly enough to leave discussion without any doubts what so ever.My case had some special bumps on the way to I-140,which needless to mentioned was again handled with top most priority. Mark took over the last step of filling 485 and cleared with flying colors.I have GC approved in 4 months time from submission to Card in hand after dates became current. It is worth to mention about availability of Mr Khanna on coneference calls,as and when needed without any delay when certain key decisions were needed throughout the journey of 5 years.  Honestly..I had many mis-conceptions about attorneys and associates about lack of professionalism and transparency.Thanks Rajiv,Heather and Mark for proving me wrong. Mr Rajiv,Your office reputation is in good hands. Highly recommended !!

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