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Jaydip Sen
United States

After lot of research and gathering inputs from my friends my employer and me decided to appoint Law Offices of Rajiv S Khanna as our attorney. This is one of the best decision of my life. My labor was filed in August 2006 and approved within 11 days. I-140 was approved after that and now I am waiting for my date to be current for EB-3. The quality od service we get in a such timely manner is amazing to me! All the people including Rajiv, Mathew, Bharathi, Suman are so wonderful to work with! I would like to mention one incident though! I received a RFE on my I-140. This was mad time of July 2007 (I think) when everybody was filing their I-485 as all the date became current for one monh. Everybody in Rajiv's office were working day and night to file everybody's case. But, still suddenly Rajiv called me and discussed the issue with me. I did not request him to call me. But he understood my situation and called me to give all the mental support I needed. This is the best thing you can expect from an attorney who will stand behind you when it is mostly needed. I recommend each and everybody to get help for Rajiv's office, if required.

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