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Anshul Singh
United States

Rajiv and Art - I can't thank you enough for the magic you did in order to get my green card which was almost next to impossible. I applied my first green card through another lawyer in 2002. That got rejected. We went to the court in Washington to challenge the rejection (through another lawyer) but lost the case. I was basically asked to pack my bags and leave the country. Luckily I had applied through another company (another division within our company) and got H1 to extend my stay and refiled my green card through the same lawyer but he said it might take a long time and my case will go into review since it has been rejected the first time. At this point i reached out to Rajiv Khanna to apply my green card again (3rd time). He has an excellent team. Art helped with my case. I was very surprised that instead of me pushing Rajiv's team, they were pushing me to work promptly. Art was always on top of the case. Whenever i had doubts, Rajiv was always available for consultation. . I finally have my green card in just 2 years since i applied thanks to Rajiv's effort. Please go with Rajiv and relax, his team will make sure your case moves at a fast track.