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Pavani Chebolu
United States

Though still waiting for my last stage of GC to be cleared, I went with Rajiv S. Khanna as my attorney. Rajiv is an expert on Immigration Laws and is straight up and abreast of rules & regulations. He helped me at every point in the whole process even when my 6 yr H1-B was getting expired to file the renewal with appropriate paperwork and was very quick to do this. I never had any problem or incompletion about the paperwork done under his guidance, which has been perfect. Perfect paperwork reduces the total time of this lengthy process. His associates who worked with me on my case are very thorough. I am greatly thankful to Richa Narang who worked with me from the begining of the process and then Prerna Mehta who took over later who is always available and is happy to respond calmly and peacefully. Also many, many thanks to Sheena, Mathew, Lakshmi and other staff members who are very co-operative and would return calls & e-mails promptly. I even got good & prompt advises on some legal issues even if it wasn't the area of interest for them and not related to my case. I am really glad that I chose this Law firm. I am greatly pleased with Rajiv and his staff as far as their professionalism, courtesy and promptness regarding my GC.

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