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Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States
<SPAN> <DIV>I want to Thank Rajiv ji and his team for the invaluable services they provide. While maneuvering the arduous process of immigration, most immigrants need an attorney who understands their concerns and has no qualms in going above and beyond the business relationship. Mr. Khanna and his team do just that….. Go above and beyond.DIV> <DIV>I had burnt my fingers with a law firm in NY, and I had become cynical about the whole process and about the abject indifference some law firms have towards their clients. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have come in contact with Rajiv ji. The best part of Mr. Rajiv khanna’s Team is that it comprises of like minded, highly professional, and empathetic individuals. Rena, Anna, Sumanji, And Jagbir took care of my case as if it were one of their own.DIV>SPAN> <DIV><SPAN><SPAN>I want to express my heartfelt gratitude&nbsp;SPAN>SPAN>for all their sincere efforts and formidable support. &nbsp; Thier professionalism coupled with empathetic attitude is a perfect antidote to the challenges one has to endure during the immigration process.DIV> <DIV>I strongly recommend Mr. Rajiv Khanna and his stellar team.DIV> <DIV>Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.DIV> <DIV>Sincerely,DIV> <DIV>RM.DIV>