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Sohan Kasula
United States

I tried 2 different attorneys before employing law offices of Rajiv Khanna, one attorney took money but didn't even bother to call me and other who wouldn't fill the basic information properly before filing the application for LC. Myself and My wife, we got our passports stamped yesterday (11/21/2002), the whole process took us about 2 yrs and 1month without any problem or query from INS. Working with the team of Rajiv Khanna was PLEASANT. Being a professional myself, I am really pleased with their DILIGENCE, PROFICIENCY, CONFIDENCE and EXPERIENCE. Even though my company messed up in making monthly payments, Ms. Lakshmi Kompella, Ms. Diane Lombardo and Ms. Suman Bhasin gave me an opportunity to clean it up without holding up the processing of my application. I am thankful for their CARE and UNDERSTANDING. Ms. Leila Lehman are praise worthy too, for all their support and PERSONAL attention given to my case. Thanks to the whole team for making the process EASY and PLEASURABLE. If the job needs to be done RIGHT, this is "THE TEAM".

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