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Pallab Datta
United States

I got my Passports stamped in San Diego, CA with my I-485 approval notice. The whole GC process through your offices was a REAL PLEASANT experience. I would like to thank all of your team members. In particular, I would like to mention the DILIGENCE and PREOFESSIONALISM of Diane Lombardo, in praise of which I apologize, as I am unable to get the RIGHT words. I ENVY you and your staff's CARE, PUNCTUALITY, CONCERN and UNDERSTANDING. The immigration forum  is a NOVEL and WONDERFUL idea. You have once again proven your INNOVATIVENESS. Thanks a lot to you Mr. Khanna and your PROFESSIONAL team. Friends, if you need to get the job done right, hire Mr. Khanna. May GOD bless you and your TEAM with the BEST of the WISHES so that a LOT many souls like us, can see their DREAMS come TRUE. I am eagerly looking forward to working with you in the future. Thanks, Pallab Datta.

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