Guestbook Entry for Ramesh Putheti, United States

Ramesh Putheti
United States

I highly recommend to use Rajiv Khanna's services, Because, I was an example for their case. I was thinking and thinking and thinking for three years whether to apply EB1- extra ordinary ability (EB1) category. Diane Lombard, said Let us give a shot. She has done excellent job and she is so kind and so professional. I was so impressed and Rajiv is so honored to have people like Diane.

My EB1-EA- I-140 Got approved in Six days. Then, they applied I-485 AND GOT APPROVED IN Five weeks.

Our prayers to your whole team for your selfless service to us. In future, any of Rajiv's clients who wants to apply under extraordinary ability can reach me to share my experience.


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