Guestbook Entry for Arnab C, United States

Arnab C
United States

I and my wife recently got our green cards approved, which was been processed through LORK's office.

The process took a while to complete but finally it got over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rajiv Khanna and and everybody at his firm for handling the processing of our application so expertly and professionally.

Special thanks to Mathew Chacko, Prerna Mehta, Amrita and Bharathi Gajala who were involved with our cases at different stages. The LORK team members were always very cooperative and helpful with all of our GC related matters. I had also received RFEs for my case and they were responded to very promptly and with accurate detail by Rajiv and his team members.

I would also like to thank Rajiv Khanna for the great service he provides for the immigrant community through his Live chats. These chats and the recorded transcripts helped us with answering our queries and doubts over the whole complicated process of Green card and also kept our hopes up during the long-winded process.

Looking forward to working with LORK's office again in future.

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