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Divya Ananth
United States

Hi, I want to leave a comment on my positive experience with LORK every time I reach out to the firm. I was a client of LORK when my green card was applied through my employer and they took utmost care of the case. Especially, I was one of the people that applied during July 2007 visa bulletin fiasco and the firm was very good at answering and responding to all of my repeated questions patiently. Since then, I have always reached out whenever I had a question on immigration matters and the staff always, always respond back to me promptly. Even though I was a client several years back, they still take care as if I am their current client. Greatly appreciate everyone at the firm and especially Mr Khanna for his due diligence, prompt responses and timely calls and great advice. Would love to do business with LORK again. thanks for all that you do to help our fellow Indians.

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