Guestbook Entry for Anil Joginipalli , United States

Anil Joginipalli
United States

I would like to thank Mr.Rajiv Khanna and team specially for working on my I-140 and getting the approval real quick.

Thanks to Mr.Rajiv Khanna, Ms.Sheena Gill and team.

I got I-140 denial on my education degree, but ajiv ji and Sheena both were very confident that we can win this case from the day i received denial notice .

Special Thanks to Sheena Gill, for all the hard work did in getting my education evaluation and Clarifying USCIS about the wrong reason on which they denied my I-140.

Rajiv Khanna and his team is very quick in responding to mail ,phone call and providing solutions.

I-140 approved with in 6 working days.

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