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Erfan Mohammed
United States

Got GC problems?? Talk to Rajiv Khanna. That's exactly what I can say to all of those who are facing trouble in thier GC filing In 2006 I got my labor approved. I filed for I-140 in Nov-2006. And then 485 in Aug 2007. On 2009 Jan 6th I had received an Email from USCIS that my I-140 had been denied. There was no MTR given in my case and USCIS made a point that my consulting company got my labor in fraudulent manner and my I-40 can't be approved. My consulting company lawyer said there is nothing anyone can do in my case. So I contacted Rajiv Khanna. He took my case as if he is fighting for own. And he assured me that USCIS is wrong is denying my case. He himself prepared all the paperwork and involved me in all conference calls. I could listen very carefully on how he dicatated the case to his team and his team polished the necessary items further before filing the case. Rajiv Khanna and his team takes every case personally. They are the best. On 2010 Jan 2nd I received another mail from USCIS. Said my I-140 case has been approved. I never would have thought that I can start New Year like that. My kudos to Rajiv Khanna and his team (Mathew, Sheena) who always responded to my email regarding all case related queries and provided help in best possible way. Please do not hesitate to send me an email if you like to any other questions. But I would suggest and say it again. Rajiv Khanna is the Man you want to talk to for all your GC issues. Thank you Rajeev. I truly appreciate the way you worked on my case.

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