Guestbook Entry for Krishnaiah Kashaboina, United States

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Krishnaiah Kashaboina
Green Card: 
United States
I am so much thankful to this Office since they started my case. This Office did my I-140. It is approved and I-485 approved. This Office has taken care of each and every step at all levels with great care without mistake. This office so much helpfull. I am so much thankful to Mathew and Bharathi for their help. I would like to explain how much this office helpfull. I was forced to change the employer to keep my job lost December 2008. I asked this office to file AC-21. They asked me get consent from my previous employer as this office is having agrement with previous employer. Then previous employer did not accept it. Then I consulted other Attorney. They agreed to file my AC21 with G-28 form. My case is transferred to my new Attorney. I got query on my I -485. The query has my new attorney name, they sent it to this office instead of my new attorney. This Office immidately took care and informed by phone and mail irrespective name of attoney on the query letter. I was not in office and I did not see mail. And not replied to mail. Then they called me on cell phone at least 4 times on the same day. Unfortunately my cell phone was not working properly. They left me 4 voice mails. I saw voice mails in the night. This indicates how much this office is helpfull. I always respect quality of work and helping nature. This Office has got every thing to deal cases. Please do not think about fee. I always suggest to go with this office and forget your case. They will take care of you in all aspects. I am gratefull to Mathew and Bharathi. The help is priceless. Thank You.