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well, what can I say than the usual? Folks at Rajiv's office must be thinking 'phew. we have recieved another one of those glorious feedbacks today. YET again. so, there you go. I'll be another guy who says you are the best. But its true aint it? You know your stuff, you are attentive, you hear our griping, whining and still say 'How can we help?' . Thats what I like the most about Rajiv's Office. After 9 years in the country, just when I started to get comfortable and thinking my status is safe, i received an RFE asking for what I call "Copy from CM and Copy from PM", which in other words, USCIS has asked for letters from everyone involved in my employment. Thank goodness, they didnt ask the now infamous 'tax returns of the company and letter fron the president'. The moment I saw my RFE, I sent an email to Rajiv with one sentence 'HELP!!'. He responded back in 5 minutes, directing his most amazing and best-at-what-she-does assistant, Anna Baker to help me. Letters followed, checks mailed, more emails and voila, we have our case ready and all the letters signed. We applied last friday (July 3rd), received the status email, and case processing has resumed the same day. On July 8th we received an email containing the magical words 'Approval Notice Sent'!! So, lets start with the mail room guys, copying room folks, all the assistants: Thanks a ton! and then Anna : Any number of thanks and best wishes wouldnt be sufficient for your hard work and diligence. and of course Rajiv: For assembling the best team, and for always being there. Thanks to all of you for making this happen for me. Much Appreciated. Bala

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