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Gaurav A.
United States

I cannot thank enough the Law Offices of Mr. Khanna for getting me and my wife our L1-A and L2 approvals. A special thank you to Mr. Jagbir, who assisted us, guided us and was there for us the entire time. He was very patient, helpful and informative, and Mr. Khanna was always available to answer my never ending questions. I can confidently say that it is because of their hard work and dedication to this case that we got our approval. We had a very complicated case whereby our LI-A had already expired, and the extension was denied. Mr. Jagbir presented our case with updated information and new evidence, and after he responded to the RFE with a 700 page file, our case was approved. Thank you so very much Mr. Khanna, Mr. Jagbir and Ms. Anna, we will forever be indebted to you. 

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