Guestbook Entry for Hari Nayar, United States

Hari Nayar
United States

My relationship with Rajiv's firm and the team goes back 10+ years - starting with initial application for H1 all the way through H1 renewals, green card application & subsequent approval, multiple EAD renewals and most recently application and approval of naturalization. All along the way, spanning multiple years, I have found the team of attorneys and specifically the broader team to be attentive to detail, sensitive to requirements and above all courteous and ever willing to help. I've had the pleasure of discussing directly with Rajiv on many occasions and every interaction is characterized by a deep understanding of the problem at hand and practical advise on how best to resolve. One couldnt ask for more while navigating the immigration system in the US. This is a great team and I'm forever thankful for the guidance and support they have provided. Needless to say, if you are looking for immigration support I'm positive that this firm will meet and exceed expectations.

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