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I had applied for an L1-A for start-up in 2007 August. Rajiv and his staff put all their efforts to make sure that the petition was correct and all the required supportive documentation was there. L1-A was approved in a span of 4 days from application and I got it for a period of one year, which is the normal case, that the Law Office had notified well in advance. Though the responsibilities of Rajiv was over with that application, he put extra efforts in detailing out the steps required in the coming year before going for the renewal so that I will be able to get it renewed.

He told me that getting the first L1-A is relatively easier compared to the renewal where in they thoroughly scrutinize the documents. He also detailed each activities I should fulfill based on my application for going for the renewal in 2008. However, I had to wait for 3 months in Chennai to get the appointment for Visa stamping. So all I had was 9 months of working time to fulfill these steps.

I came to U.S in November 2007 and contacted Rajiv. He gave me an abridged list of key things to be done in 9 months for the renewal. I worked according to the plan and we started the L1-A renewal process in July 2008 end. Vikas from the L1 department was meticulous in preparing this application. He gave me a list of documents required and he put lot of time to go through each one of these documents, provide suggestions to make it better etc. Over a period of 4 weeks work, we had a comprehensive petition in place.

The Law Offices of Rajiv send the petition on 21st August. It reached the USCIS on August 22nd 2008. They started processing on 25th August since 23&24 was Sat & Sunday. My renewal was approved on 25th August itself and the approval notice was sent on the very same day. Notice of Action (I-797) and (I-94) reached the Law Office on the next day, August 26th itself. It was unbelievably fast because the petition application was done perfectly.

What more do you want from an immigration attorney; he delivers what he says plus he takes the right steps to guide you to the next step. And can you believe, he is already advising me on the next steps to be taken in business path. I vouch for Rajivji and his staff and I recommend them for anybody who want to go to the best attorney in Immigration. Thanks once again Rajivji, Anna & Vikas for making this possible.

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