Guestbook Entry for Mamatha V. Durgam , United States

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Mamatha V. Durgam
Green Card: 
United States

Rajiv Khanna and associates are helping me in my Green Card processing. I received an RFE on my I-140; the response was well prepared by Attorney Sheena Gill. I got the approval on my I-140 in a week’s time after response was mailed; I am so excited about it. Rajiv Khanna and Sheena Gill have done an excellent job. I appreciate their expertise and the utmost care they have taken in preparing the response to a tough I-140 RFE. I would recommend the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna to anyone who is looking for a good immigration lawyer for any immigration related work. I am very grateful and thankful to Rajiv S. Khanna for helping us to get through the various stages of Green Card processing. We also thank all the staff members of Rajiv Khanna, especially Ms. Sheena K. Gill, Mr. Mathew Chacko and Ms. Suman for their professionalism and showing keen interest in preparing documentation for Green Card processing.