Guestbook Entry for Maria Victoria, Teacher at Sallie B. Howard School, United States

Maria Victoria, Teacher at Sallie B. Howard School
United States

Video Testimonial - Maria Victoria, Teacher at Sallie B. Howard School

Hi, my name is Maria Victoria  and I work at Sallie B Howard School as an elementary teacher. I have been working here for the past three years. This is my fourth year and since then my employer has supported me with my paper work through the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna.  

I still remember the first conference call that I had with Rajiv and he was very supportive and explained to me all the things that I needed to know about my papers as well as my dependence paperwork. He also worked efficiently with my papers. Through the help of my employer they prepared things for me they supported me with the processing. Attorney Khanna really made sure I had my papers on time. If I had a problem, it was solved instantly and I thank him for his work as well as my employer. Without their support and their quick processing my papers would always be in trouble and I may not be here.  

I thank all of you and thank them and I hope that they will help people like me.


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