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Marites de Luna
United States

If you will ask me what is the definition of the word HOPE, the first thing that I will definitely remember in my lifetime is Atty. Rajiv. I have asked numerous lawyers who can fix my case which was messed up by incompetent lawyers and they all told me the same thing, HOPELESS[b].[/b] Atty. Rajiv and his team, specifically Atty. Jagbir,  literally saved my family's future! We have been subjected to a 10-year bar but because of Atty. Rajiv's ingenuity, we were able to escape the impossible. He is a[b] [/b]miracle worker. No adjective could ever describe the way we feel right now. We were finally granted our extension of stay which had been countlessly denied. His staff were very kind and accomodating, they were able to understand what we were going through at that time that they were very sensitive in answering all emails, calls and questions that I had. We are now in the process of filing our greencard and I am very optimistic that everything will now run smoothly since Atty. Rajiv is our "superlawyer".  I have learned my lesson, no one could ever have done it best but Atty. Rajiv. My heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff! God bless all of you!!

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