Guestbook Entry for Nitin Varma , United States

Nitin Varma
United States

By God’s grace and with my employer Company’s help, I am mighty glad that I found Rajiv’s law firm and at the firm - Vikas, Anna and Fran for my case.

My troubles began when post 6 year expiry of H1B, USCIS apparently rejected the H1B extension but for some reason, no notification was received regarding that rejection of extension for almost one year. The consequential mess resulted in a number of grave implications - starting from employment, GC, driving, even basic living and eventually hit my survivability.

It was at that time my employer Company (that is very supportive) introduced me to Rajiv's law firm.

I am personally very impressed that the firm showed great aptitude and that the firm pursued the case with an unflinching professional commitment and integrity. The team at the law offices worked very diligently, in a very timely manner and made a very professional representation to the USCIS. The firm addressed all the concerns of the USCIS to the satisfaction of the Authority to re-establish the just cause, resulting eventually in a victory for all involved. It was a very complex case that involved a number of appeals and re-appeals over almost a year. While it got so complex that every step of the case was like a step forward in a battleground, the law firm chugged along and helped keep faith in justice.

Looking back, it seems incredible that there is a law firm that can deliver not only justice when the just cause often seems like almost lost in a maze of unknowns, but also could make the entire engagement with the client so clean, above-board and transparent – that as a client one feels assured of being in the right hands at all times. I am in no delusions when I say the firm delivered right well on this extremely complex and sensitive case. I further believe that by upholding the just cause, the law firm not only got justice for me and my employer, but also helped created a winner in USCIS/ US Justice system. I commend the firm for helping everyone including the USCIS see the just cause. The firm, in my belief, has set an example that many others in the Immigration industry could learn to follow in the true spirit of delivering justice.

The law firm exhibited every reason why the firm has and deserves to have a GREAT name in the Immigration community.

Three cheers to Rajiv, Vikas, Anna and Fran at the firm - my personal and professional BIG thanks to them.

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